How to know when your child is an artist

It is true that there is nothing to measure the creative capacity of individuals in their first years of life, but individual behaviours are usually a parameter that can help us in some way. The child or the withdrawn child, the one who has few words to converse, the distracted child or the child or the child who indulge in observation of things for relatively long periods of time, are in some way subject to those to be paid attention to. Before individuals with these characteristics, it is best to sponsor them, to observe if they respond to art-oriented stimuli, that is, as a parent you are almost obligated to provide them with art material, instruments for artistic performance and art documents for the inspiration, such as magazines and books about art or artists. See either you child is interested in real human hair extensions, if yes, they are an artist!

In the school and college seasons, it will be important not to eliminate these creative practices, even during the evaluation period, it is advisable to dose their time for creativity and turn them into study and stimulus complements according to academic performance. It is normal that as a mom you are convinced that your child is the most intelligent and beautiful. However, although today’s children are born with a technological clip, sometimes it is important to give them a push in other areas so that they all become geniuses. The people, who want to use real human hair extension, are different and are artists!

There were simple tricks for real human hair extensions to achieve this goal. It is worth mentioning that they are all based on scientific research, therefore, it will help your child’s development.

  1. Music lessons

If there is no expert on the subject in the family, take him to music lessons if he is passionate about it. Studies indicate that minors who have close contact with musical notes improve their intelligence. Although not the main issue, if it is worth mentioning that the University of Northwestern found that in adults helps to delay ageing.

  1. Encourage your taste for physical activity

Although it is believed that elite athletes decided to take that path because they do not have the intelligence necessary to develop in other branches, that is not true. It is known that after performing a sport, the person is able to learn 20% faster. In addition, in 2007 it was found that physical activity improves blood flow, which encourages learning.

  1. Let it sleep

The authors of Nurture Shock believe that parents who prevent their child from sleeping less than the indicated hours delay a year of cognitive development. Even if you let him sleep 15 more minutes you could benefit his school performance.

  1. Self-discipline

Those children who are able to control themselves are more likely to improve their grades and even be invited to study at the most prestigious universities.

  1. Learning as an active process

Discipline with love is exemplified very well when you let your child watch his favourite television show but then ask him what the information he received was about: “My love, what did you understand about the program?” If you did not catch, help him understand it. It was a visit that reaffirmed the desire to be an artist. This personal experience should be useful for all parents who know of any activity that involves artists, can involve their children to know those who work in the art world and who knows, we can give a great intellectual boost, to the budding artist. Giving children opportunities to discover themselves as artists is vitally important.